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My pattern was outside grass lines on the main lake near the shoal and north shore areas…Day 1 I caught my two best fish on a Bruiser Baits 10″ worm (junebug) rigged on 20lb P-Line 100% fluorocarbon with a Trokar TK130….this was fun!…old school worming!

Day 2 the wind picked up and I switch the M-Pack Lures swim jig…sweet jig with an awesome new weed guard design. I rigged this on a Okuma Fishing USA 7.6 TCS Heavy with 65lb P-line X-Braid…all while targeting main lake grass points with good water clarity. (muddy water is no good on Okeechobee)

Day 3 was a mess!! 30 mph winds made it very hard for me. I had to resort to catching them on various baits. Swim jig, flipping, swimbait and worms. A special thanks to Bob’s Machine Shop and Power-Pole® Shallow Water Anchor I couldn’t do it without these products….huge difference makers for me!

Thanks for all the support…! It means a lot to me!!

(from Scott Martin Challenge Facebook)

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